Traveling Guide to Oslo Norway

Oslo is the most interesting city in the northern part of the continent of Europe. Norway's capital is a popular tourist destination that attracts tourists from around the world. This beautiful place is very popular mostly by history and it is called by many names such as city Vikings, because the Vikings who lived on this land last year, also known as the city of culture, as it has a marvelous culture and tradition and a lot of other names given by something characterized in this beautiful place.

Other major tourist attraction that makes Oslo as an attractive tourist destination is incredible fjords and lush green hills that give this city an amazing view. There are various places in Oslo that will make you spend a great holiday and enjoy all the adventures this city offers. City of Oslo is Norway's largest destination and revenue from tourism in this country is very significant for the economy of the country. This is why the authorities are trying to do as much as they can to ensure that they have more tourists every year.

The most interesting tourist attractions in Oslo are those created by nature. And nature has been generous here in the Norwegian capital. The country has various types of natural places. The most interesting is the natural lakes in this country. Believe it or not, there are more than 340 natural lakes in the Oslo region. The largest and most significant for the city is a lake called Maridalsvannet. This lake is the main source that provides drinking water for the capital habitat. River flowing through the city Akerselya, which divides the city into two parts: East and West. There is another small river called Alna. There are no high mountains in Oslo, because of which the highest is 630 meters. It is called Kirkeberget.

Oslo is one tourist destination that offers something for everyone. The city has a fantastic museum, beautiful scenery, one of the best nature in Europe, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but what is most interesting is the outdoor activities, and this is the reason why most tourists who come to Oslo , You can experience the best ice skating natural stage, is perfect for kayaking, skiing, sailing etc. The natural lake is perfect for fishing and the area around them offering a great environment, perfect for hiking and biking. There are areas that are intended for hunting, which is very popular with hunters from all over the world.

Oslo city take some big wilayah Norway And THAT is praying Single Largest city in Europe. Ins apart from that, Term orangutan Who Lived there very small compared to other big cities in Europe. It Singers particularly for the most part of the city (More Than 60%) is the natural treasures such as protected forests, lakes and hills and Building in prohibited.

Winter is the best period to visit Oslo if you like skiing or snowboarding, and summer is the best if you like to discover the nature and beaches in Norway. Even it is famous destination for skiing, Oslo has warmer climate than other cities in Europe.

Oslo Map

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